New Projects

Offshore works

Graphic Design Michel
New site

Workers handling sling onto crane hook prior to heavy lifting on a construction barge at oil field. To ensure safety and prevent hazard during installation, safety gloves and precaution are strictly observed.

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Oil workers

Crew of professional engineers, working on oil pipelines to dectect faulty connection to prevent oil spilage, which can be very disasterous to nature. Fractiontional distillation maintenance for your refinary, contact us, all in Gobuilt.

Automated works

Actuated control valve on offshore oil and gas central processing platform for adjust flowing pressure and level control by both programmable logic controller PLC automatic and manual function.

Marine work

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Project at U.S.A

Engineer Arjun

Highly specialised in deep marine work construction like deep sea turnel, assited by crew of trained workers.

Graphic Design Michel

Engineer Chung Won

Specialist in critical site evaluation based on best possible materials to suite the teaste of project at hand.

Graphic Design Michel

Emma Berger

Professional in upper marine projects like site excavation, ranked third in the world.

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